Education Technology Summit 2013


ET Summit Chair:

Prof Pierre du Plessis

Associate Professor
University of Johannesburg

Dr Michael Rice

PETS Foundation

Michael Rice has been involved in education for nearly 50 years! He has taught every class from Grade 1 to matric. He taught English and Applied Linguistics at the Johannesburg College of Education for 17 years where he was associate head of department. After a stint as a consultant he was appointed Director of Academic Publishing at Oxford University Press SA and subsequent to that as Special Advisor to the then Minister of Education, Prof Kadar Asmal. His current interest is in the practical application of ICT in education. He is primarily an educationalist, not a tekkie.

Megan Rademeyer

Programmes Manager
SchoolNet South Africa

Megan Rademeyer is the Programmes Manager at SchoolNet South Africa - a non-governmental organisation that focuses on empowering teachers to use ICT effectively in education. In this role, Megan oversees the Partners in Learning teacher training and materials development for Microsoft South Africa and been a judge at various regional and global Microsoft Innovative Teachers Forums. Megan has extensive experience in developing and reviewing educational materials and has produced content for the website and Mindset Network ( Megan holds a Master of Arts degree in English Language Education from the University of the Witwatersrand and was a teacher for five years.

Kobus van Wyk

Head: e-learning initiatives

Kobus van Wyk has been in the IT industry for over 30 years. He ran his own software development and consulting company (Computer System Builders) for many years. In 2001 he was commissioned to start and manage the Khanya Project, an ambitious e-learning project in the Western Cape. Under his leadership for over ten years, Khanya became one of the greatest e-learning success stories on the continent, drawing numerous national and international awards. In 2005 he received the IT Personality of the Year award for his contribution to social responsibility. When the Khanya project was completed, he was head hunted by Mustek, who appointed him as Head of e- Learning Initiatives in October 2011. His major role is that of an elearning activist, helping other provinces and African countries to develop e-learning implementation strategies. Kobus has written a number of books on issues related to technology in education. He is an avid blogger ( and he has lectured and spoken at conferences around the world on e-learning topics.

Clinton Walker

Education Programmes
CAMI Education

A teacher by profession, Clinton has been more than a decade as a facilitator, Coordinator, Project Manager, Deputy Director and acting Director within the Western Cape Education Department’s e-learning initiative: Khanya Project. This project saw the meaningful and successful implementation of ICT into schools. Having joined CAMI Education, a local education software developer, his focus is on ensuring that education institutions use technology in an intergraded manner towards achieving curriculum aims. The advocacy from Clinton and CAMI Education is that the use of technology for teaching and learning should be an add-in and never an add-on

Lulu Burger

iPad Training Manager
Think Ahead Education Solutions

Lulu Burger has a B.Ed. (University of Johannesburg) and taught for 13 years in various high schools. She is a specialist in ICT integration. In 2010 she joined iSchoolAfrica to focus on the integration of Mac technology into schools, empowering learners and teachers to create effective multimedia content for the classroom. The arrival of mobile devices is changing the ICT landscape, opening up exciting educational opportunities. Lulu is now focusing on assisting schools and teachers with using Apple iPads to bring the curriculum to life.

Prof Shirley Buckley

Director: School of Computing
University of South Africa

Prof Shirley Buckley is currently acting Chair of Department in the School of Computing (SoC) at the University of South Africa (UNISA). Her passion lies in the Information Science discipline. Other interests are e-learning, business intelligence and community of practice. She previously taught at a High School for 10 years and at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) for 11 years. She is a committee member of a number of international organizations as well as an active peer reviewer. She have presented and published papers locally and internationally and she is a member of the Computer Society of South Africa, the South African Institute for Management Sciences and the Knowledge Management Practitioners Group. She is also the examiner for the Gauteng department of Education Practitioners

Malcolm Seegers

Digital Publisher: Head of e-learning
Macmillan South Africa

Malcolm Seegers has a software development background. He worked for nine years in the education field in the Western Cape, where he was engaged in various e-learning projects, both assessing the value of different technologies in the classroom, and managing e-learning implementations. Subsequently, Malcolm spent a number of years as an independent IT consultant in the corporate field. He has recently returned to education and now heads up the e-learning department at Macmillan South Africa.

Dr Ron Beyers

Managing Director
YESA (Youth Engineers & Scientists for Africa)

Dr Ron Beyers has over 27 years of teaching experience across 10 different subject areas, primarily Physical Science, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science and Design and Technology. He served at a prestigious private school in Pretoria as the Director of Technology for 15 years initiating several Outreach projects to serve the learners and teachers from less advantaged communities. He has co-authored 38 text books in Technology Education (Grades 7-9 for South African schools) having being involved in curriculum development across a number of subjects. He was head-hunted by the African Advanced Institute for Information Communication Technologies in 2006 to initiate the Young Engineers and Scientists of Africa (YESA as part of a pipeline for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation. He was also a co-founder of SchoolNet South Africa and was involved in the convening of five international conferences for educators, especially in ICTs. He is also sharing his expertise through educational journals and international conferences. He completed a PhD in 2010 with a thesis entitle “Promoting Human Capital Development through ICT Creativity and Innovation”.

Nico Gibson

Manager: Human Capital Solutions
Research & Design: Technology & Systems
Telkom SA Ltd

Nico is Manager: Learning Solutions Research & Design in Telkom’s Centre for Learning.He has collaborated with numerous external learning institutions in the development, registration and delivery of modular interventions, learning programmes and qualifications. Nico is currently involved in the development and implementation of a new Learning Management System LMS and e-Learning process for the Telkom Group. He has a passion for the investigation and use of technology, the internet and social media in making learning more accessible, interesting and effective. To this end his core focus is the introduction of blended learning, effective e-and m-learning, and the utilization of appropriate technologies, mediums, and social networking tools.

Dr. Joya Chatterjee

World Ahead Group, Intel Corporation

Dr. Joya. Chatterjee is responsible for World Wide Field Development, Research and 1:1 eLearning deployment programs in the World Ahead Group at Intel Corporation. Her responsibilities include working with the 8 largest 1:1 eLearning deployments in the last 4 years and to ensure there success.

Dr. Chatterjee’s experience includes 20 years in the US education system (kindergarten teacher through Assistant Superintendent of Schools) and 12+ years in high technology marketing working for SUN, HP and Intel.

In the education system Dr. Chatterjee was recognized as a pioneer in implementing technology with a fully networked school, trained staff and implementing a K-8 technology curriculum which she wrote. This resulted in a Blue Ribbon award and recognition at the White House from President Bill Clinton.

While at SUN Microsystems, Dr. Chatterjee was responsible for the K-12 education segment and for the launch of Java stations for educational institutions Worldwide.

During her 9 year tenure at HP she led and launched the “HP Certified” program for channels in HP Services, she managed the Software Partner Program and was responsible for developing the business with ISV’ s focusing on content management and e-commerce vendors. Dr. Chatterjee was the Worldwide Director for the Education segment at HP before she joined Intel.

At Intel she led the Government programs in CPSG; later she was the Product Marketing Engineer in Intel Software College leading the initiative for SW developers worldwide and working with Universities worldwide to use Intel SW tools and optimize on Multi Core technology.

Dr. Chatterjee holds an Ed.D from the University of San Francisco focusing on Organizational Change,She also holds Executive Marketing and Management Certificates from both MIT’s Sloan School of Management and Stanford Business School on Strategic Marketing and Management

Dr. Chatterjee was a Fulbright scholar to PRC representing the US Department of Education. The articles and video created by her “A day in the life of a student in China” were used extensively in the late 80’s by education institutions in the US to teach about education and people in PRC. She has authored a few articles on technology and learning.

Bushra Latif

King Abdul Aziz University
Saudi Arabia