Education Technology Summit 2013


The Education Technology Summit is an exclusive forum that provides knowledge and insights for education technology professionals and education leaders on strategies to build 21st Century schools, colleges & universities. Developed with the thoughtful input of industry leaders, this summit features participation from thoughtleaders on education technology from across South Africa. In an exclusive setting, you can connect with peers to exchange ideas, best practices and insights. Attendees will walk away with the tools they need to redefine the education and learning paradigms of their institution.

Educational institutions are responsible for training students to develop the skills to participate successfully in today’s information and technology biased economy. What steps will you take to introduce 21st- Century literacies into your curriculum? Take away strategies that will create engaged classrooms and secure faculty buy-in. Source best practices on technology adoption to support student innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

Benefit from exciting success stories on the deployment, use and outcomes of mobile, blended and game-based learning initiatives. Co-develop with your peers the roadmaps that will integrate technology with pedagogy and andragogy to provide real learning benefits.